10 Truths to Improve Your Law Firm Marketing

The economy is treating many law firms well, with profits up and revenues high. Attorneys are willing to shell out plenty on marketing. It can be tempting to put the whole hog in large-scale marketing that grabs attention. Many attorneys want to do what their counterparts are doing, which often means billboards and full page [...]

PPC Strategies for Personal Injury Attorneys

Conducting personal injury lawyer advertising campaigns can be difficult. Some clicks cost as much as $100, so a mistake can cost you thousands. Even a basic term like “personal injury lawyer” can cost more than $133 for individual clicks. An ineffective PPC campaign can waste a lot of money. However, if you effectively select keywords [...]

Why Google Suite Is Perfect for Law Firms

Right now, there’s a good chance that your law firm is using several different software solutions in order to manage email, digital file storage, video calling, calendar duties and much more. More often than not, you or an associate has probably had trouble trying to make these applications play nicely with one another, causing unneeded [...]

The Top 5 Tips To a Successful First Client Meeting

Meeting with a prospective client for the first time is not unlike a blind date. You know a little about each other, it seems that you two would be a good match, and now you’re going to meet face-to-face to determine if there’s indeed chemistry between you two—albeit on a professional level. But unlike a [...]

Congratulations To Russell Bowling On Winning The Ugliest Website Contest!

After trimming down an exciting list of contestants to our three finalists, the Ugliest Website Contest winner is… Russell Bowling! Bowling hails from Franklin, North Carolina and has been working as an attorney for over 35 years. His main area of practice is Social Security Disability and Personal Injury law. He also specializes in Real [...]

The Optimized Attorney difference

We are occasionally asked what sets us apart from other legal marketing agencies. In the years since Optimized Attorney was founded, and since Optimized Attorney grew out of the publishing division, three stark differences have become abundantly clear: 1. We cost less. Much less. 2. Our content is more sophisticated. 3. We provide more value. [...]

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