The economy is treating many law firms well, with profits up and revenues high. Attorneys are willing to shell out plenty on marketing. It can be tempting to put the whole hog in large-scale marketing that grabs attention. Many attorneys want to do what their counterparts are doing, which often means billboards and full page ads in business journals. However, sometimes these big actions don’t result in sustained business success. You should be focused on strategy that you can trust. A unique and targeted marketing strategy can help you build your firm and improve ROI.

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Some Marketing Will Bring Attention, But Not Trust

A large marketing campaign in the faces of many people will bring attention to your firm. If your goal is brand recognition, that might work. However, you can’t buy the trust of consumers. People seeking attorneys want to know they can trust them with their lives, fortunes, and futures.

You need a marketing strategy that will get you both trust and attention. This requires a stable foundation and an investment. You must listen and understand what your audience wants. Only once you know what matters to your potential clients can you develop a marketing campaign that will engage people and bring them through your doors.

These Truths Are Not Universal

While we can present information to you that will help you boost your business, every truth may not be the one that applies to you. Though, many of these principles address issues seen by law firms. Focus on the ones that seem relevant to you and work to achieve continued success.

1. Clients care about themselves.

Clients are focused on their own facts and not worried about figures related to your firm. You might think they want to know how successful you’ve been in the past, but in reality, they only want to know how you can be successful for them. Don’t fixate on what you do. Instead, understand the clients and what they want. They act on a feeling. Tell a story to help them achieve that feeling.

2. Clients are seeking outcomes.

Your clients will have a goal in mind when they come to you. However, that goal may not be what you think it is. Sure, they may want to win the lawsuit, but they also want to be heard and respected. If you’re focused solely on winning the case, you may miss a big part of what brought your client to you in the first place.

To attract more clients, focus on the outcomes they want. Pitch them the feelings and justifications that cater to their needs. You should help them make the best choices possible, while still respecting their desires.

3. Your competition is the status quo.

Most people who are looking for an attorney have already worked with one in the past. If not, then they know of or can quickly find a dozen of your competitors. You must offer a radically better option than your competitors. Whether that means better fees, better service, or personal attention, you need to provide more than the status quo to win clients.

4. Potential clients need a reason to change.

Without a push, potential clients will go to the easiest option available. If they’re already working with an attorney, they will return. You must develop a compelling story to earn their trust and initiate their change from the familiar. Building trust involves making promises and keeping them, even when that means going out of your way.

5. Each client should be focused on individually.

Many large law firms handle cases as a massive endeavor, running them through a process involving many people and steps. People don’t want to feel like cattle. Instead, you should be focusing on one person at a time. Mass marketing is a lazy way to focus on large numbers of potential clients who will mean nothing in the long run. When you get to know each person, you have the opportunity to gain a client for life and someone who will recommend you to their peers. This will be more valuable to you in the long run than a message you broadcast to a mass market.

6. Tactics should serve the strategy.

Tactics are those things that other firms are using that work at the moment. Tactics generate a buzz and develop short-term business. Strategy is more broadly focused and is concerned with your business. Use tactics to serve a long-term strategy. Your website, social media, videos, and more should be pieces that you use to support your goals.

7. Thought leadership marketing can benefit your firm.

Freely sharing information, education, and inspiration through content is a method of thought leadership that can benefit your marketing. Many attorneys don’t want to engage in thought leadership marketing. Instead, they want to develop a personal method of marketing that they keep secret. There are few secrets in the marketing world. It’s best to put it all out there and take it all in. You will likely learn as much as you contribute.

8. Start small, achieve big.

Many attorneys start with a small focus area. They have a niche that establishes themselves as a thought leader. You need to commit to one area where you can make a difference. You should aim for depth of subject, not breadth. Opportunities will come your way that are related to your focus. You will be in a position to avoid side projects and distractions that will not grow your firm. Clients who want your specialized services will often pay more for them because they understand the value of your knowledge.

9. First impressions are everything.

The most common piece of advice for people seeking new jobs is to focus on their first impressions” Most people make a snap judgment, either positive or negative, within a few minutes of meeting someone. This applies to clients as well. Whether your client will get a first impression over the phone, internet, or in person, you should make sure that impression is good. Invest marketing strategies into improving your first impression to new clients.

10. You should invest in current clients.

While new clients may be attractive, don’t forget those who have been with you for some time. You should also invest marketing resources in existing clients. Their needs are constantly changing, and they should be reminded you are one call away. Acquiring new clients can be as much as 25 times more expensive than retaining one you already have. You can improve your profits by simply retaining existing clients.

Next Steps to Improving Your Law Firm Marketing

This information has focused on specific steps you can take to improve your law firm in 2019. Most of the truths presented in this article highlight the relationship between you and your clients. This is an important element of success now and in the future. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is your potential client?
  • What matters to your potential client?
  • How does your potential client see the world?
  • What do you have to offer your clients different?
  • What small steps can you take to gain attention in small groups?
  • How can you break through the status quo?
  • How can you serve your audience?
  • How can you build trust?

The answers to these questions will help you gain success as you progress forward towards your goals. If you are struggling with these issues, you should consult with a professional marketing agency that can help guide you through the process.

If you have questions or would like to talk to Travis or another team member about growing your firm, feel free to call us directly or schedule an appointment using the link below.