Local SEO For Law Firms With A Focus On GMB

We help law firms make more money through intelligent, strategic local search engine optimization with a focus on Google My Business.

The Optimized Attorney team is intimately familiar with law firms and every practice area we service. We’ll help your firm generate more reviews, citations and backlinks to improve your local presence. Our proven techniques are designed to bring more leads and hire to your firm.

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Local SEO For Law Firms

Search engine results have become hyperlocal, which means users are served up different listings based on their geographical location. The radius of these search variances have become smaller and smaller to improve the user experience. If a user searches for a local business they typically want to know where they’re located, what services are offered and if that particular location has a good reputation in the community.

Search strategies for law firms have shifted dramatically over the past 5 years and even more so in the past year. More and more people are interacting with business locations on the map in Google, and other search engines, without even visiting the business website. Websites have become much closer to irrelevant in recent time in terms of generating new business for local attorneys.

Getting your business to the top of listings in local maps, with positive reviews, has become so extremely vital not just for law firms but all local businesses. One of the top factors is to make sure your brand identity is consistent across all internet listing websites. With our proven local SEO methods we can help your law firm generate more leads through local search and provide tools necessary to track and manage ROI.
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What Is Local SEO?

Since Google currently has about 90+% of the search engine market share, the bulk of our focus is on ranking your Google My Business listing in the local pack for as many relevant, high-intent keywords. We have a number of tactics to improve your rankings, including online reputation management, citation building & management, profile optimization and posting.

We partner with firms to fully build out their Google My Business profiles: properly categorize the listing, write detailed descriptions, add relevant services offered, create Google website, connect messaging and appointment features, add photos & videos and much more. This is an ongoing battle, but once we have the profile fully optimized we post regularly through GMB posts to send positive signals to Google.

Business Listings And Your Law Firm’s Local SEO

We’ll work with your firm to clean up as many current citations as possible, including Yelp, AVVO, Manta, etc. Most law firms we analyze typically have a number of common errors in their name, address and phone number across business listings online. It’s important to maintain NAP consistency not only for your customers and organization but in Google’s algorithm as well.

Studies show that having all your business listings pointing to the same URL, with the same business name, phone number and address can have a positive affect on your local rankings. Aside from optimizing your profile and getting a number of positive reviews, managing and building more citations is a great way to broaden your reach and increase authority.

Our approach is more aggressive than most marketing agencies or even listing management tools. We go beyond the norm and create hundreds of business listings for your firm, which creates additional backlinks for your website. This can work to increase your domain authority and local rankings for high-intent keywords.

Local SEO VS Traditional Organic SEO

In recent years Google has refined the search experience and the fundamental aspect has become understanding the search intent of certain keywords. Not every search result shows map listings at the top. Only for search terms Google has deemed “high intent,” meaning the user is typically looking to make a purchasing decision, do results show local business listings at the top in the map.

As search engines have adapted to the intent of users, local business listings have begun to produce not only more leads than organic search, but much more high-quality leads that are a lot more likely to convert.

Not to say organic SEO is completely dead, but users are more likely to reach websites via organic search when looking for more information. We want to reach these consumers as well as part of a broader strategy, but these visitors are searching more educational key phrases and are likely more early on in the sales process.

For these reasons, we find it’s extremely important to focus the majority of our efforts to get high-quality leads looking to hire your law firm’s services right away.

Tracking & Reporting Local SEO Performance

Our reporting platform provides historical data on your Google My Business profile. We religiously track and report on GMB key metrics: Views on Google Maps, Clicks to Call, Clicks to Website, Search Terms & much more. Our API integration pulls data dating back as far as 2017 so we can see how your profile is performing year over year.

Unlike Insights in the current Google My Business listing, we’re able to provide month over month reporting to monitor progress over time.

This is typically a part of our overall strategy to track leads & ROI per marketing medium. We feel this is the most vital and potentially fruitful feature of any law firm’s marketing strategy.