Organic SEO For Law Firms

How our legal marketing agency helps law firms rank for the most competitive keywords.

Google page one rankings for law firms can be difficult to obtain for highly-competitive keywords, but our process works. Google kindly tells us how the process works, but few agencies put the work in for their clients to get the results they promise. Below are a few of the many tasks that our team does for each client we work with.

  • We first analyze your website’s strengths and weaknesses. Every site has omissions and errors that hurt its ranking.
  • We fix your site’s on-page problems, from poorly-worded titles and meta descriptions through missing cross-links and image tags to absent or unsophisticated keywording.
  • We steadily build high-quality backlinks, which remain the most influential factor in Google page position.
  • Every month, you are sent a clear and detailed report showing the progress we are making with your site’s ranking for various keywords, and your account manager will provide additional details. You will never wonder if the work is being done.

Help prospects find you, increase search engine visibility, get higher quality leads

Most attorneys do not understand search engine optimization well enough to determine if they should invest in it, how much to spend on it, and whether they are receiving value for their current law firm SEO expenditures.

Any vendor providing legal SEO services should itemize the work being done monthly. If you cannot obtain that information (and proof of its delivery) from your vendor, then that work is probably not being done.

Content Development For Law Firms

Content development is one of the most important ways in which an attorney can optimize his or her website. Adding new articles and/or blog posts to your website allows you to pursue and rank for additional keywords. If you instead allow your site to stagnate, its Google ranking will slip below competitors with more active websites.

First, we analyze your website and its competition. We look for opportunities to target high-value, low-competition keywords. We then build a schedule of additions — topics and keywords we will write and when — and begin work. We use both in-house and freelance writers. All are based in the U.S. and are a mix of English grads and lawyers. Whom we select to write an individual piece is determined primarily by topic.

It’s important to note that not all content should consist of the written word. These days, search engines are looking for content that provides the user with the best experience, including infographics, slide decks, and video clips. All of these decrease your site’s bounce rate while increasing time-on-site. For this reason, our optimization clients receive multiple types of content.

Local Optimization For Attorneys

Local searches now outnumber non-local searches. So, it’s critical to optimize your legal website to improve your local ranking as soon as possible. Google must connect your website with your location. That means your website should at least have a local page that includes your contact details in html. We can create and maintain your Google Places page. We find erroneous citations and correct them. And we create additional citations monthly on sites like Yelp and Foursquare.

About Search Engine Optimization For Attorneys

High-quality website optimization generally consists of:

On-page optimization: Artfully titling and tagging pages helps Google determine what terms your website pages should rank for.

Link building: Websites with a strong set of inbound links will rank higher than those without.

On-page optimization: Special training is needed.

Link building: It is difficult and time-consuming to beg links from quality websites. You are unlikely to be successful. And your chances of obtaining anchor text rich with keywords are even lower.

The time varies with the strength of your competition, but you will generally see movement upward in the rankings within 2-3 months. Major benefits typically take 5-6 months to appear.

Network of legal sites. We have over 1,000 legal websites from which we can build relevant links.

Accessibility. Optimized Attorney is a boutique firm managed by reachable people. Our savvy SEO experts are only a phone call or email away.

Law book publisher. We published law books for more than 30 years and therefore understand various practice areas.

Buyer beware. Because most SEO purchasers don’t understand how to evaluate what they are buying, SEO remains the Wild West. There are still many providers and freelancers with modest skills making big promises they only sometimes keep. Paying more does not improve the odds that you will receive the work you should.

Legal providers preferred. You want most of your inbound links to come from other law-oriented websites. If your SEO provider builds a wide variety of websites rather than specializing in legal websites, the links created for you from those general sites will have less value.

Educate yourself. The more you know about SEO, the better you can evaluate the work being done for you.

Search Engine Optimization and Google Local are similar in that both allow potential clients to find your website via a search of specific keywords. When it comes to SEO, your website will appear in the search engine’s organic (natural or unpaid) search results. Google Local, on the other hand, is a local business listing that readily displays all of your business contact information and will appear in Google’s coveted local rankings. Google Local will also put your firm on Google Maps.

Yes, all Search Engine Optimization and Google Local clients’ rankings are tracked using third-party software. All clients have immediate access to monitor their own progress free of charge.