Strategic PPC Campaigns

We help law firms make more money through intelligent, strategic PPC campaigns designed to generate quality prospects.

The Optimized Attorney team is intimately familiar with law firms and every practice area we service. We work side by side with our SEO team to ensure that you are not wasting money bidding on key phrases for which you are already ranking. Every member of the team is AdWords certified, and the company is a certified SMB Google Partner.

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PPC Ads Now Vital For The Legal Industry

Times have changed in the way law firms reach clients and the change seems to be happening faster over time. Law firms need a diverse marketing strategy that includes pay-per-click advertising to compete in today’s search marketing landscape. If your law firm isn’t running any paid advertising, you’re missing out on a huge percentage of the market.

Studies show Google Ads get 65% of clicks on average for buying search terms. This means that, for terms Google knows people are searching to hire your services right away, roughly 2 out of 3 times the searcher is clicking on an ad before getting to organic results.

Even with the best Search Engine Optimization in the world, you’ll still only be vying for about ⅓ of the market. More and more organic search is becoming a great way to educate clients and less about generating new business. As a business owner with limited resources, it is imperative to invest your marketing dollars in the most fruitful strategies.

We understand this and have been helping law firms generate leads and grow their practice for more than 35 years.

Only Pay When Someone Clicks

The beauty of pay-per-click ads is that you only pay for people who click on your ads. Unlike other advertising mediums like TV & Radio where your advertising rates are a flat fee, with PPC you’ll only spend money when potential clients reach your website or call your law firm (depending on your search marketing strategy).

Although this is quite possibly the most fair & transparent way to advertise, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Many law firms and businesses that try to run ads themselves end up blowing large sums of money with absolutely nothing to show for it.

It’s actually quite easy to spend a bunch of money without getting any results if you don’t have the skills, knowledge or background to manage campaigns effectively. There are too many factors to leave it to chance.

You need to partner with a company who lives and breathes online marketing so you can spend time doing what you do best, practicing law.
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Targeting The Right Audience

Not only can we target specific keywords users are searching but we can filter out audiences by a number of demographic details. Audiences can be broken down by gender, age, income level, marital status, home ownership and more.

We’ll work to understand your ideal clients and optimize our demographic targeting for you specific practice area and vision. This will help us cut down on unnecessary spending on leads unlikely to convert.

Geotargeting: Target Specific Geographical Areas Known To Convert

Based on your practice area and target market, we’ll formulate a geo-targeting strategy. We can map out specific neighborhoods or regions where people searching for you services convert the most.

Our systematic approach will negate locations that don’t deliver results and focus on those with the best ROI.

Keeping in mind that the location of your office will play a part in how likely a PNC will be to convert.

With hyperlocal results we’ll be able to narrow our strategy to those looking for your services in your area.
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100% Lead Tracking – Full Transparency In Campaign Performance

Lead tracking is a key element to our success. We absolutely will not work on an advertising campaign unless we can track every action down to even recording phone calls through ads.

Once in place, our reporting system will provide extreme detail on every lead that comes through our campaigns.

With your help we can score leads based on their likelihood to convert into a client. We’ll also help you track ROI on all of your lead sources so we can informed decisions on how to spend your future marketing budget.

Our monthly reporting consists of the basics most business owners want to see, and nothing you don’t care about.

We focus on leads generated and how much was spent to generate those leads. After that it becomes much easier for you to determine ROI, which is a continual process of improvement and refinement.

Ad Scheduling Optimization & Control

We utilize machine learning and wealth of industry data to determine the right schedule for your ads. We’ll determine the best approach based on your goals and budget, then make adjustments more data becomes available.

First and foremost we do not want to be running ads during times you aren’t prepared for an intake. Since most people resolve their needs within hours of making a search on a mobile device we have to be in a position to handle their questions and guide them into your practice.

Aside from that there are certain times of day, depending on your practice, that convert better than others. Our approach is to adjust our bid strategy for conversion and make sure your ads are shown during times customers are shown to convert at the highest rates.
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Keyword Optimization Based On Intent & Conversions

Our pay-per-click strategy always consists of identifying high-intent keywords. There are a few types of keywords and 3 keyword match types to work with. Long-tail keywords tend to be more educational focused and convert at a much lower rate.

However, keywords that are exact and to the point tend to convert at a higher rate, but they typically have more competition and a higher cost.

Balancing these variations and keeping them inline with your business goals is what we do best.

We will diversify our approach and live in the data, but we will put the bulk of our attention on high-intent keywords known to convert leads into clients.

Our methodology includes constant monitoring of keyword performance, quality scores, search terms and negative keywords.

Device Strategy That Makes Sense For Your Law Firm

Our PPC strategy includes optimization per device: mobile phones, desktop computers and tablets. Each device needs a unique approach. We also pay close attention to which devices are leading to not only the best cost per conversion but that those conversions are quality.

Mobile devices have become critical to be mindful of in search strategy over the past few years. This is true not only because most people are searching the internet from a mobile device, but that device is capable of making phone calls. Furthermore, a search from a mobile device typically has a higher intent when it comes to local businesses.

On the other hand certain age groups and demographics are utilizing different types of devices in different ways. Therefore, we rely on reporting metrics and machine learning to determine the best device strategy for your law firm.
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Dynamic Ads: Campaign A/B Testing

We’ll employ a number of responsive ads and utilize our tracking to determine which ads are performing best.

This is a constant area of improvement across all PPC campaigns as they can always be refined and improved.

Splitting the budget into two or more versions of the same campaign will allow us to test various strategies simultaneously to determine the most efficient and effect approach for your law practice.

We’ll partner with you to determine ROI and provide the tools necessary to make the best budgetary decisions.