We are surprised by how many law firms overpay and under-receive when it comes to tech support.
A big part of the problem is that they usually contract with a local provider, thinking that onsite service is critical. Years ago onsite service counted; now it is rarely needed and can be readily obtained a variety of ways.
Far more important than location is specialization. If your IT support supplier does not specialize in law firms, you are receiving a lot less than you should. How can a provider who also services dentists, restaurants, and real estate brokers possibly know:

  • What work processes have been automated in other small firms in your specialty, whether it is bankruptcy, criminal, family, injury, or Social Security disability
  • The easy ways to integrate and reduce the spending on multiple overlapping legal software programs
  • Common technology pain points in small law firms and how to ease them
  • The big wins in productivity, prospect conversion, client satisfaction, and referral generation being obtained through technology by other firms

Strategic advice and continuous improvement included

When you engage James to guide and support your technology, we regularly evaluate your processes, software and systems to keep you current and continuously improving. Our strategic guidance and improvement recommendations are included at no extra charge.

Unlike most tech support firms, we only assist law firms. And we focus on more than just your software and hardware:

  • What processes could technology help streamline?
  • Which frequently-generated documents could be automatically created?
  • How much time would your team save with an automated help desk?
  • Are you missing some easy tech-based opportunities to convert more prospects?
  • Could technology help you obtain a larger number of positive reviews?
  • What technology is working well for other law firms of your size and specialty?

What is working elsewhere

We are deeply involved in the inner workings of over 100 law firms. We know which tech-based solutions make a real difference in productivity, prospect conversion, client satisfaction, and referral generation.
If you enlist us to take over your tech support, we will share with you what technology is working for other firms in your position. Whether you go fast, slow, or not at all to adopt those proven solutions, you will know what the next steps are.

To obtain personalized recommendations at no charge, make a 15 or 30-minute appointment to speak with our president.