Content Development for Attorneys

We have been publishing law books for more than 30 years, understand the various practice areas, and have a strong collection of content and knowledgeable legal editors to help supply quality web articles and blog posts.

Why is Quality Content So Important?

Content development is one of the three pillars of effective search engine optimization for law firms. Adding new articles and/or blog posts to your website allows you to pursue and rank for additional keywords. If you instead allow your site to stagnate, its Google ranking will slip below those of competitors with more active websites.

Our Process

First we analyze your website and its competition. We look for opportunities to target high-value, low-competition keywords. We then build a schedule of additions—topics and keywords we will write and when—and begin work. We use both in-house and freelance writers. All are top-notch, based in the U.S. and are a mix of English grads and lawyers. Who we select to write an individual piece is determined primarily by topic.

Video Examples

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Content Examples

*Blogging statistics provided by the American Bar’s 2014 Legal Technology Report.