Local SEO for law firms has quickly become the most important marketing tactic in the legal marketing industry. I have been talking about Local SEO for over 9 years, and still feel most attorneys do not understand the value of having an agency that specifically focuses on local SEO. Over 80% of our clients’ calls come from the Google My Business profile. That is staggering, and it is clear, the higher a firm ranks, the higher their call volume will be. Most of our clients have given up on other marketing efforts and are focusing on opening offices in geographically strategic areas to drive more calls. Just think about it for a minute and try to understand how you find a business. You search on Google, and use Google Maps to choose a business closest to your home or office.

Question: Can you tell me how many of your calls and hires come directly from your Google My Business profile?  If yes, I assume you have a good handle on your marketing efforts. 

Last Question: What is your marketing agency doing to get your firm in the 3-pack for competitive keywords? If you do not know the answer, below you can find a list of what they should be doing monthly. 

Below is a list of what your agency should be doing for you each month. This is the minimum and should be reported monthly. 


  1. Completing your Google My Business (GMB) profile with detailed information about your firm
  2. Embedding your (GMB) listing on your site
  3. Adding all available SCHEMA to your site 
  4. Posting weekly content to your GMB profiles
  5. Creating local content for each location
  6. Creating new business citations/listings on 25 – 40 sites monthly 
  7. Correcting and completing current listings on existing sites 
  8. Maximizing your website speed and using Google’s page speed insights 
  9. Generating reviews for your firm with your help
  10. Responding to reviews left by your customers

The above ten tasks are the basics, and every agency should show you detailed reporting regarding each task. If they can’t show you in detail what they are doing and or have done, but they give you their word, then they are likely not doing anything at all. 

If you want to talk to me about how we can help you with the ten tasks above, please schedule a call with me using the link below.


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The typical attorney in 2022 still has little idea of the difference between local SEO and traditional organic SEO. Unfortunately, most SEO agencies do not do a good job of teaching their clients why they should care or the difference between either. This is strategic, of course, they do not want their clients to know what they are not doing. This is how most legal SEO agencies make money. They hire slick sales people and teach them the buzz words and phrases that make attorneys drool, and then they sign them to contracts that have little to no detail in them, and they get paid to do absolutely nothing. Good for the agency, bad for the client, right? Well, it never ceases to amaze how many attorneys are compelled to sign contracts with companies that do nothing to help their clients, other than maybe take them to a nice dinner at a conference. 

I believe there are a handful of good legal marketing agencies offering meaningful services at fair prices, but they are truly few and far between. Regardless of who you work with, it is critical that you know what they are doing to help your firm rank locally. 

If you want to learn more about how your firm can rank well local search in Google, call me. I do my best to share my ideas and thoughts with you at no cost to you. If you like what I have to say and think my team and I can help you achieve your goals, then we can talk more about working together. If you do not think we are a good fit, then I will share my list of other marketing agencies with you that I suggest you work with. I do not make any money referring clients to these firms, I do it because it is the right thing to do. 

If you want to contact me, click on the link below and book a time for us to chat. I do not practice high pressure sales, and I will not bombard you with emails and calls after our conversation. This is an opportunity to learn how your firm is performing in local search, and what you can do to improve your chances of ranking better. Everything I will talk about are tasks you can do yourself, if you have the time and interest. 


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