Legal Intake Scripting Software

Designed and built specifically for small to mid-sized law firms.

If you are an entrepreneurial attorney struggling to grow your practice then you are in luck. OptiCare is interactive agent scripting software designed to elevate your staffs’ capabilities with powerful interactive scripts that guide them through even the most demanding calls. As the conversation progresses, your team will see exactly what to say or where to find more information at every step along the way – without having to rummage through shared documents or printed papers. 

We have prebuilt interactive scripts for every practice area that are ready to launch immediately after you make the best decision you will make all year.

Our software is not limited to the intake process, that is just the start.

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Successful firm owners know that executing effective intake and client calls is the key to a successful law practice. In fact, the number one bar complaint in every state is directly tied to poor communication. If you think you can sit anyone in a chair and expect them to know what to say to potential new clients or current clients, you surely have not listened to many calls.

Below are a handful of the features that set our software apart from all others.

Instant Notes
Enjoy automated note generation at the end of every call, sent straight into your CRM or practice management system. This helps you to keep useful information on every call, with no extra effort required by your team.

Customer and Data Verification
Ensure that your customer is who they say they are with mobile phone number verification technology. Easily integrable into any script, this helps you to add an extra layer of security to every call in a way that’s fully trackable and recordable.

Safe & Secure
Keep tight control over who has access to your OptiCare scripts with robust security features as standard, including access control, role-based authentication, and more.

With no downloads required, it’s quick and easy to get set up with OptiCare in no time. Plus our cloud-based setup ensures you can access your scripts from any web browser or mobile, 24/7.

Prebuilt Scripts and Processes 
Thanks to years of listening to intake calls and our vast knowledge of the inner workings of a law firm, you can be up and running in an hour. We did and will keep doing all the hard work on our end to make sure you are always using the best scripts possible.

Import Tool
Import scripts using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to make script building a breeze. It couldn’t be easier to collaborate on your content and drop it straight into a live script.

Browser Extension
Our Chrome extension makes OptiCare compatible with every contact center − simply launch your scripts from any CRM or Help Desk system and hit the ground running.

Powerful Analytics
Check on your staffs’ performance specifics, examine customer interaction patterns, and get actionable data from our rich and detailed analytics capabilities. There’s no better way to know exactly what’s going on with your team, and the action happening within every call.

Call scripting has never been easier.

Find out more about how OptiCare can support your team in delivering excellence with every call today!

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