Stay in touch with former and existing clients via email.

The easiest way to increase referrals from your clients and contacts is to regularly remind them of your existence. People will forget about you otherwise. One of the most effective ways to remind them is with educational information that demonstrates your expertise, and encourages sharing with people who need your services.

Email Marketing and Branded Consumer Book

Monthly Referral Emails

  • Monthly, 3-6 paragraph emails we send to your provided email list.
  • For branding purposes you can contribute a photo, logo, and/or a brief bio paragraph to appear in every email.
  • We will alter the email template to match your website colors and link to your site and social media profiles.

Ghostwritten 100-Page Consumer Books

  • A 100-page book (100 copies) to hand out from your office.
  • Your name will be included on the cover and we will include a biography page, too.

Branded Consumer Book Samples