If you answer yes to any of the following questions, the old technology in your law firm is causing you unnecessary headaches.

  • Are you paying an IT firm to keep your network and servers operating?
  • Has your data ever been hijacked, requiring you to ransom its return?
  • Have any of your computers been infected with a virus?
  • Is it a big job to set up or replace a workstation?
  • Is your remote login software clunky or hard to use?

With one easy change, you can forget about those old-tech issues. We have combined our knowledge of law firms’ technical needs with Amazon’s best-in- the-world data hosting services to create a just-for-law-firms solution we call James Workspaces.

The Big Advantages
Instead of using servers and networks, we migrate your data to the cloud and you access it using the internet. This migration enables you to:

  • Dump your servers and cancel your network maintenance contract
  • Log in from anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Use any device: phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, whether Mac or PC
  • Have only password per user for every device and every location
  • Receive Microsoft Office at no charge
  • Have full use of all of your applications, no matter how antiquated or how new
  • Set up new workstations in minutes rather than hours
  • Never worry again about viruses or hijackings or other downtime

Your computer screen will look virtually the same as it always has, with the same icons and shortcuts. The only difference is that you will be accessing everything you now have through the internet instead of over your high-maintenance, low-security server network.

We provide James Workspaces for $1,500/month for up to 10 users, plus $125/month for each additional user. Because you will be canceling your IT maintenance contract and your remote login software subscriptions, the net additional cost to eliminate your tech issues should be only a few hundred dollars a month.

You will reap further savings by no longer having to replace servers and desktop computers, for all that is needed when one of your computers dies or becomes too slow is a $200 thin-client device. The heavy computing power resides on the cloud.

If you are interested, please make a 15 or 30-minute appointment with our president Travis Hise, or call him at 714-918-1848. He will explain what is involved for your firm and its applications, and will itemize your savings.