Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers

The majority of attorney web pages out there are poorly designed, and lack the type of content important for prominent Google search position. If your website is not on page one of search results you are missing out on potential traffic and conversions.

While some attorney websites are better off remade from the ground up, a large number of web pages simply need to be fixed in order to bring in the type of traffic that is truly helpful. We can help fix your website and improve your content by:

  • keywording your text with popular search terms.
  • restructuring your site in a manner that is easily crawled by Google’s spiders.
  • providing your site with periodical content updates.

We can optimize any lawyer website.

Google Places Attorney Listing

Google Places (also known as Google Local) is a combination of business profile information and map location collected by Google. These are the listings appear next to a red pushpin in many Google searches. As Google is increasingly giving its Places listings real estate on page one of its search results, it is important for firms to maintain a prominent Places position.

Securing a high-ranked Places page is, however, a different endeavor than Google organic search optimization. Hundreds of well-maintained listings in online business directories are an important component to a highly ranked Places page.

We can establish and optimize your Google Places listing for:

Online Reputation Management

Today, potential clients have a wide variety of sources they use to research and discover legal services. Social media websites, online directories, and review sites all help searchers form their opinion of your business before you get the chance to speak with them. When you Google search your name, are you impressed by great client reviews, high professional rankings, and a positive reputation? Can you be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Avvo?
We can help you establish a prominent and positive online presence by effectively creating a variety of profiles and directory listings for you, along with all necessary maintenance.