A website crashing, a server down—for most legal practices these would be major issues. Today more than ever, attorneys rely on technology for everything from communicating with clients and prospects to storing data without the paper clutter.

Having the right tech support partner makes all the difference. If you’re experiencing any of the following signs of a poor partnership, it’s time to switch attorney tech support partners and get your law firm the help it deserves.

1. Small issues become big problems

Uh-oh, your network is being glitchy. You need help immediately so you leave a voicemail with your tech support partner… and wait… and wait. And while you’re waiting, your law firm’s productivity is stalling, clients aren’t getting what they need, and the problem is quickly growing from a molehill into a mountain.

Let’s face it—an unresponsive tech support partner is no partner at all. You need someone who is at your beck and call, ready to help whenever any issues arise so your law firm can get back on track with helping clients, closing cases, and reaching out to more prospective clients.

That is the thinking behind Optimized Attorney tech support system. We provide responsive attorney technology support so when issues do arise, clients can simply submit a ticket for assistance. Afterward, they can track the progress of their request through the client portal as we work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

2. Communication is not a two-way street

Speaking of communication between law firms and attorney tech support partners, most legal practices want to ask questions and voice concerns before any issues arise. For instance, are there areas where we can improve our existing IT processes and systems? What are your responsibilities as our tech support partner versus our law firm’s responsibilities?

A great tech support partner remains available to answer these questions and more throughout the course of the relationship. If you can’t easily reach out to your current IT support through phone, email, and live chat to discuss essential elements of your law firm’s technology strategies, then it’s time to find a partner who is more communicative and dedicated to your success.

Tip: If you’re looking for tech advice, start with Optimized Attorney & Attorney Marketing’s free law firm technology audit conducted by President Travis Hise. You will receive complimentary, customized suggestions to improve your legal practice’s technological systems and strategies.

3. You are worried about data security

Law firms deal with a large amount of confidential information and can face significant consequences for leaving sensitive client data vulnerable. Every attorney tech support partner should understand not only the repercussions of lax security, but also the latest best practices and tools for securing data against a growing number of threats.

If you are not 100% confident that your law firm’s files are protected, don’t ignore your concerns—reach out to an experienced tech support partner who prioritizes security.

At Optimized Attorney & Attorney Marketing, we recommend that law firms say goodbye to their outdated closet servers and migrate to secure cloud tools. With James Workspaces, migration from a server to the cloud usually takes just one evening and then your desktop works and appears exactly as it did before the migration. You’ll then have the ability to regulate access to your law firm’s information, such as blocking ex-employees and adding new workstations for replacement team members in just minutes.

4. Your current partner is unfamiliar with legal-specific software and concerns

Your current technology support partner may provide satisfactory service but if they aren’t familiar with the legal industry software that you use daily (Amicus Attorney, PCLaw, etc.), it could be slowing down your office productivity. Legal-specific technology professionals are familiar with these types of applications and software, and can provide support as well as suggestions for streamlining your IT systems.

For example, Optimized Attorney & Attorney Marketing developed a powerful attorney-specific client relationship management system (CRM) called the James Legal CRM, which:

  • Integrates with common billing and accounting software
  • Streamlines business and technological systems
  • Automates marketing and client follow-up
  • Enables detailed time tracking
  • Facilitates reputation and review management
  • Allows for secure collaboration among team members (a migration to Google’s secure suite of collaboration tools, G-Suite, is included with the James Legal CRM)

After helping attorneys for more than 35 years, we understand what you need and can provide the technological and marketing support to streamline your legal practice—leaving you free to focus on serving clients and closing business.