We are occasionally asked what sets us apart from other legal marketing agencies. In the years since Optimized Attorney was founded, and since Optimized Attorney grew out of the publishing division, three stark differences have become abundantly clear:

1. We cost less. Much less.
2. Our content is more sophisticated.
3. We provide more value. In some cases, a lot more.

These qualities have made Optimized Attorney an unparalleled company in the world of legal books and marketing. But you should also know that the company has these additional core values:

4. You get no upfront sales pressure and can cancel your contract with us anytime after its 3-month minimum.
5. We give a portion of our revenues to needy kids.
6. You can call me, the founder and owner of Optimized Attorney, if ever you are not receiving what you need from our digital marketing team. I will do my best to personally see that we put it right and make you happy. 714-755-5472 is the number to my direct line.

Our reputation for value and service is a fundamental requirement for me, which is why we have priced low, worked hard to over-deliver, and have always been accessible by phone (and now also by email and social media) for over thirty years.

That is enough about us. My future posts will give you tips you can put to immediate use.


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