The typical law firm is years behind the average business in use of technology.

It is easy to understand why. If a business owner spends time automating his processes, his revenue doesn’t cease. If a lawyer carves out time to review his firm’s technology, his billings decline.

Without knowledgeable oversight from someone who cares about your technology’s return on investment, law firms end up with overlapping systems, outdated and vulnerable servers, inefficient processes, and high tech expenses.

Wasted spending

We repeatedly see small firms spending $500-$1,000/month on unneeded software. Worse, we find firms paying $1,000+/month to local IT companies that do not understand law firms’ needs and have failed to:

  • Keep the firm’s technology up-to-date
  • Secure the firm from hacking and ransom requests
  • Integrate silo systems that don’t communicate well with each other
  • Pull the key management data together on one intuitive dashboard
  • Make the firm’s data securely available on smartphones
  • Automate routine administrative work

What is the solution?

Obtain an audit of your technology spend from someone who specializes in law firm technology, has reviewed dozens of law firms, and understands your specialties. 30 minutes on the phone with the right person is usually enough time to learn how much you can save and how to achieve those savings.

We say “how much you can save” and not “if you can save” because we rarely find small firms that are up-to-date and efficient with their tech.

Even long-time members of mastermind groups who are sophisticated with their marketing are nearly always behind the times and are overspending on their technology. Perhaps this is because most legal mastermind groups specialize in marketing and management, not tech.

No charge for our tech audit

We’d prefer to give you a choice and recommend several knowledgeable legal tech auditors, but we aren’t familiar with any besides our president Travis Hise. Travis has automated several law firms from the inside before moving to James four years ago to automate law firms from the outside.

He will be able to tell you in 30 minutes whether your firm has fallen behind the times and can save material amounts of both time and money with a tech update. No heavy sales pitch will occur in the audit; it is just a presentation of opportunities for law firms to save and improve, whether you use us, someone inside your firm, or another vendor to make the improvements. The tech audit is specific to your firm.