The number of ways that small law firms can positively impact their bottom line by modernizing their technology has never been larger.  Here are just a few:

— Tech support savings. Support is now provided remotely for nearly all issues, which means it can be provided at lower cost. If you are paying more than $150 per user-month, it is time to either re-negotiate your contract or switch vendors.

— Legal-specific support. Because remote solutions end the need to contract locally, you are now free to engage geographically-distant tech-support vendors. That allows you to use vendors who specialize in supporting law firms, which brings you a host of other benefits, including strategic guidance.

— Cloud migration. You can do away with your network headaches and expenses by moving your data to the cloud. Migrating allows you to:

  • Dump those antiquated servers in your closet
  • Cancel your network maintenance contract
  • Permanently block hijackers and avoid viruses
  • Easily log in from any device or location having internet access
  • Set up new workstations in minutes instead of hours

— Self-serve answers. Building a digitized help desk gives your team a place to refer clients and prospects with basic questions. A help desk ensures clients receive the exact answers you want delivered, provides answers 24/7, and saves you and your staff from having to provide the same information over and over.

— Document automation. If your practice repeatedly generates the same letters and forms, inexpensive and intuitive ways exist for your team to streamline the production of those documents.
— Referral requests. To get more, you need to ask more often. Automating the ask takes away the hesitancy, forgetfulness and timing issues that keep most lawyers from make the requests. This is one of the highest-impact changes you can make.

— Online reviews. Like referrals, you need to ask to get. Review software eliminates the need for your clients to register before posting, automates the ask, and allows you to screen out the weak reviews before they are posted.

— Client communication. What is far and away the number one complaint about lawyers? They don’t stay in touch with their clients. The solution is to automate regular written touches. These touches don’t have to be long. In fact, short and frequent outreach works best. And they can be written once and used over and over with automated sending and personalization.

We have helped firms implement each of these advances … and several others. Make a 15 or 30-minute appointment if you want to receive personalized recommendations.