Google AdWords for Lawyers: Is it Worth It?

There are many ways in which law firms can benefit from Google AdWords. The trick is employing AdWords in a cost-effective way that funnels more clients to your website. That’s easier said than done. Since AdWords has become a popular means for law firms to supplement their organic traffic, competition for digital real estate has [...]

7 Vital Elements of Productive PPC Campaigns for Law Firms

NOTE: It’s important to tailor a PPC campaign to your specific requirements in order to achieve the best results. This post serves as a guideline for PPC campaigns for the legal industry. Every law firm that takes client acquisition seriously understands the necessity of an excellent digital marketing strategy, especially one that involves effective PPC [...]

10 Best Practices for Paid Search and PPC for Attorneys

As Google continues to make changes to the paid search platform, we learn more about the best practices of the year for things like paid search and PPC. You should review your current practices and realign them to improve your performance and gain opportunities. If you have questions or would like to talk to Travis [...]

Guide to Law Firm Marketing

The key to law firm marketing in 2019 is being there when a potential client is looking for services. You should be present and visible to catch their attention. While you should present information about your services, you should mainly focus on what you can help the client achieve. They have a goal, and you [...]

Legal Advertising

Google has been making moves this week to improve legal advertising opportunities across its contagious brands. This includes Google AdWords, which gets you visibility at the top of Google's results pages and Google Maps. Twitter and Facebook are also enhancing the prominence of adverts, so now might be a good time for you to review [...]

PPC Strategies for Personal Injury Attorneys

Conducting personal injury lawyer advertising campaigns can be difficult. Some clicks cost as much as $100, so a mistake can cost you thousands. Even a basic term like “personal injury lawyer” can cost more than $133 for individual clicks. An ineffective PPC campaign can waste a lot of money. However, if you effectively select keywords [...]

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